Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be announcing 3 goals we have and what will happen when we achieve these.

Firstly, We have our community donation goal which you guys have been doing great on.
Once we reach this goal we will start a drop party and giveaway.

Secondly, Our forum. We have been pushing for you guys to use this more as I believe it can help everyone and we can make this forum a fun place to be apart of.
We are currently at 61 members at the time of this thread. Once we reach 100 I will start a giveaway. 

Lastly, our discord. We have been growing this discord by doing a challenge of inviting 25 people into our discord using your 1 permanent link for the squire rank.
At the time of this thread, we have 64 members. Our goal is 100. Please invite users who will be active and enjoy the community. Any bots or fake accounts created and joined will be kicked. Once we reach this goal we will initiate a large giveaway. 

We hope with your help we can reach these goals.
Thank you
- Kram

17 Sep 2017, 18:09 3 | 6

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry for this thread being weeks late. We have been adding multiple features over the course of these weeks.
There were so many changes I won't be able to list them all.
To prevent this from happening again we will be using the changelogs section of our forum more and that will constantly be updated by the developers, jdsgames, or I.
We will be making these update threads every 2-3 weeks from now on.

Here is a list of the features we have added:
  • 1.12 support 
  • Added daily bonus
  • Added vote parties 
  • Changed the price of clay in the store
  • Lag has been fixed
  • Added plugins to find lag and eliminate it
  • Added a fun scramble game in chat
  • Added chat announcements
  • Added a vote leaderboard
  • Crates are being boosted
  • Changed the leaderboard NPCs to armor stands
  • Fixed forum permissions
  • Added a favicon to the forum
  • Added a few forum subcategories 
  • Fixing /staff
  • And More
I'm sorry if I missed a feature we added or tweaked. If this is the case please reply to this thread telling me what and I'll add it.
I'm again very sorry for this late update thread.
- Kram

17 Sep 2017, 18:02 1 | 4
Hello everyone,

I have some great news today. @jdsgames has joined our staff team as a System Admin.
This means with his help the server will be smoother and up longer.
Please congratulate him when you get the chance.


10 Sep 2017, 20:07 0 | 4

Hello, everyone!

August is now behind us and we are in September. With this change here are the prizes and the winners for top 3 voters and top 3 donators. These people support us greatly and I thank you many times for supporting GoldenAge. Without further delay here is the list:

Top 3 Donators
1st: $20 shop voucher + 1 tag of their choice (minus OG) + 1 diamond crate key - Avihay
2nd: $15 shop voucher + 1 tag of their choice ($2.50) + 1 gold crate key - BalloonPizza
3rd: $10 shop voucher + 1 iron crate key - BriceDesigns
Top 3 Voters
1st: $5 shop voucher + 1 tag of their choice (minus OG) - Avihay
2nd: $5 shop voucher + 1 tag of their choice ($2.50) - Arf2002
3rd: $5 shop voucher - Coin007 and Ngb9

All of you will be getting a message from me soon and a package at your bases with your prizes.
Lastly, I do want to give a special shout out to @avihay 
He is #1 in votes and donation which is absolutely amazing. I thank you for your contribution and love towards GoldenAge.
Avi has received the GoldenAge tag as well as his prizes as he has shown true support of our server.

That's it for this post.
- Kram

02 Sep 2017, 05:09 1 | 5
Hello everyone,

I normally don't do these things but I feel like it's due time I should share details about myself.
I will not be answering all questions. Please do not ask anything too personal or I will either delete the question altogether or ignore you.
Hopefully, this will be a fun thing we can do.
Questions must be asked before September 2nd 
Ask your questions by replying to this thread!
I'm looking forward to your questions.


31 Aug 2017, 03:55 3 | 8