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By Ally » 6 months ago
Apologies in advance for the late update thread. 

Skyblock Update #2


We have made it through 1 more busy and enjoyable week of being released.  This week, once again, we have a brand new update for you which have some changes and some additions. Here, we have provided a list of new features and modifications for your positive experience here at GoldenAge.



We have changed the way /auction works. Now you can bid on items instead of having an instant buy. You can set a starting price, a bid increment, and how long the auction will go. Note; we will have instant purchasing soon, so just hang on tight!



You can now withdraw xp and money. The commands are /xpwithdraw and /withdraw.


Block Breaking Rewards

When you break an X amount of blocks you will now get rewards such as mineral blocks or money. This was suggested by BriceDesigns. This will slightly buff mining and give you rewards for dedicating your time. But you’ll have to be dedicated, as the first reward starts at 500 blocks!


Hopper Filters

This was in our previous update but now I’m glad to say they are fixed and back again. The prices on the store will be 2 hopper filter sticks for $5 and 5 hopper filter sticks for $10. You can find them under the various tab.


Cosmetic Prices Lowered

We have lowered the prices of cosmetics. Sidekicks now cost $10 instead of $15 and most tags cost $5 instead of $7.50 and others cost $2.50.


Clear Side

All clearside prices have been dropped by $5. If you want to change your side that's how you would do it.


Island Upgrades Removed

We have removed island size upgrades. This caused a few glitches when we privately tested them and to avoid this happening we have completely removed it. You can however, still buy island team upgrades


Spawner Prices Changed

Yes, we have changed the spawner prices once more. Most spawners have been lowered while Iron Golem and Pigman and Wither Skeleton have been increased.


Spawn Egg Shop

All donators now have access to the spawn egg shop. You can access this be doing /se or /spawneggs in-game. Spawn eggs are for changing the type of a spawner. Please keep in mind if you have a 2x spawner you will need 2 spawn eggs to change it.


That wraps up this weeks update.

The winner of the hopper filter from last week's giveaway is:


Congratulations. I will put a chest with your hopper filter on your island.


I hope you all like this week’s update and we will see you next week.